Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blackpool photo diary


While being located in Manchester, I wanted to use the time and explore the Nort part of England. My trip to York has a very British vibe and the last Sunday I went to Blackpool, and yet again rain had to follow us. However, luckily we have catch couple of hours without the rain to spend on the beach.

Blackpool is a seaside resort on the coast of North-West England. The town is known for its promenade full of attractions and amusement parks.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Shades of blues


The weather changes so fast. These couple days ago it felt like summer already and now back to cloudy and moody weather. Oh well, I guess we should enjoy each day in the fullest. My exam period is now over and unfortunatelly, this summer I will spend here in UK while working and writing my final dissertation at the same time. Yay, what an exciting summer ahead. It will be my first summer to spend in UK so I am kinda much looking forward to see how is it like and what kind of events and things I might be able to do here. However, I have some short travels listed on my bucket list already for the summer, so can not wait to tick them out too.

Even though, I should be celebrating and running from one place to another as the school year has ended, for me these couple months will be very intense again. Hands up who would like to read some tips on what to do during summer in Brtain?

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Monday, June 13, 2016

10 best coffee & brunch spots in Manchester


Manchester is very vibrant and young city. It hasn't been even one full year, but those 9-10 months has passed very fast and I have enjoyed every moment in here. I wish I could have a bit more time to chill and discover hidden places. Stay updated for following posts with some recommendations and bucket list of where to go and see while in Manchester. Meanwhile, here is my selected list of coffee shops around Manchester City. You might be interested to check Top 10 coffee stops in London too.
Share with us any tips and places you have been and is worth to shout out. xx

1. Teacup kitchen
2. Foundation coffee house
3. Home sweet home
4. Moose Coffee
5. Sugar Junction
6. North tea power
7. Takk
8. Fig + Sparrow
9. Bonbon chocolate boutique
10. Ziberflat
11. Federal Cafe
12. Warehouse cafe
13. Chapter one
14. Alabama's All American Eatery
15. Whitworth art gallery cafe

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Flower shop test


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Model: Rhoni @ J'adore models
MUA: Auguste Siciunaite
Location: Gemini Floristry