Friday, April 29, 2016

China travels - photo diary - Huangshan, Shanghai


Posting last memories from my last China trip, where I have spent 3 beautiful weeks. If you have missed on it, start reading from here. On an extended weekend free, where Qingming festival took place, me and group of people planned a weeken to visit Yellow Mountains in Anhui province. It was about 3.5 hours by coach from Hangzhou. Huangshan or in English Yellow Mountains is range of mountains in Eastern China under UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the major's destinations of tourists in Chuna. It was magnificent view and hike up there. It took us aboyt 3 h to hike up and another couple hours to walk around mountains, we planned to hike down too, however due to a limited time, we have decided to order foo. Huangshan scenery is beautiful. Ever wonder how its like on the clouds or you wished to touch those clouds whenever you are in the plane? That's what Huangshan scenery gave me. Being surrounded by clouds, pine trees and endless rocks. 


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Monday, April 25, 2016

Common projects


You might have spotted on my Instagram that last week was my birthday. It was and still is very hectic period of everything happening in such a short time. These photos are taken a while ago on one of the spring alike warm weathers here in UK.

Common projects shoes is a footwear brand founded in 2014 by collaboration between Flavio Girolami and Prathan Poopat. Their minimal design of shoes has been inspired by the lines and shapes of everyday objects. White sneakers has been on my wish list for awhile already. Paired it with white lace detail jumpsuit from ARK Clothing and denim jacket from vintage store which I own for years already.

Photos taken by Andra

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

China travels - photo diary - Longjing village, Wuzhen, Suzhou


Here is another photo diary part of my recent China trip. Photos are from Longjing village, located near Hangzhou. Have you ever heard of Longjing green tea? Then, here in this lovely place we have visited the tea plantation. It was interesting to see how the tea leafes are being picked and the beautiful scenery of tea bushes was just breath taking. Never seen something like this. We hike up into the mountain to get the better view of the surrounding area. When the sun starts getting down, we had to quickly find our own way to get down before it gets dark, because there were no signs or lights. Somehow we managed to find our way, cutting through back yard of somebody's home, but managed to get back to the village.

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Longjing village 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

About UK Study China Programme experience


I am back. Back to the reality. Back to all deadlines and exams ahead. But don't get me wrong, those 3 weeks in China was not a holiday trip. I have been grateful to be able to participate on UK Study China Programme organized by the University of Manchester for students in UK. Those 3 weeks of intense schedule in China during our Easter break was very stressful but worth it. Straight after finishing class before Easter holiday began, I packed my luggage and off I go for more studies. Now I am back and with all the husle and jet-lag I am back again in lecture classes.

These 3 weeks of immersive language and culture learning was a great experience on top of the university deadlines and duties I had to do. Still have loads of things to catch up, but China experience was yet again memorable. Just slowly falling in love with China and in particular, Shanghai. The UK Study China Programme that I have attended was in Zhejiang University in Hangzhou at Zhejiang province. If you are reading my posts regularly, you might have notice that I have been in Hangzhou for a day as my day trip during summer in Shanghai, but the weather was very bad therefore haven't seen much of the city, thus I was very glad that I had the opportunity to stay there for the 3 weeks period and study on one of the known universities in China.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016