Saturday, April 18, 2015


I have always wanted to shoot with twins and one day on the open casting call at my internship came this lovely two ladies wanted to join the modelling agency. That was the point I said, YES twins! I want to shoot them soon! And here it is, couple weeks after I met them we schedule a test shoot and here are final pictures. Please follow and keep an eye on my FB group with updates and I am also open to take bookings in London, Brno, Prague. Message me or email me if interested for a portrait/fashion shoot :)

(c) 2015

Models: Anna & Sarah @ Space Models
Photography: Thuy Pham
MUA: Stacey Anne
Styling: Misha Tasha

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Pictures taken couple a while ago where it was nice and chill, lately I can be without coats or jumpers. Yayy. Hope I won't say that out loud so it get worse. Today especially in London is 24 degrees! So it was nice to have a lunch outside yestearday and today I am off to Birmingham for a day. What is your weather in your local area and what you up to ? xx

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

London walk

Spring is one of my favourite season, love the chilled weather, blossoms and the touch of sunshine. But wait, where is the spring actually? The weather been crazy these days and I can't wait for proper warm weather without coats or jumpers.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Trends to watch: Wearable tech

I am sure you all know or are aware about Apple watches or sport watches from Nike for example. I guess, this is growing more into a fashion forward thing rather than functional item. Healthbeing and sports are being a boom in couple of years. Not only by actual people doing more sports and living healthir, but even in fashion industry, every brand has to have a line of a sport line now. When trainers become in to wear on daily basis? Or even when it become fashionable to wear it with a nice summer dress?
Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech

Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech

"Wearable tech becomes more jewellery-like, bridging gap between function and fashion."
 It is getting a fashion makeover. Desireble for their tech benefits with added appearance beauty. A demand of this tech especially by women, integrates an emotional experience. Hands up who in here have one of wearable tech?