Saturday, May 28, 2016

Backless cross details


For this upcoming season I have fell in love with drop down shoulders and back details tops and dresses. I love minimalism, simplicity of garments with details.
Off shoulder clothing are no longer a seasonal trend, but it is an essential piece in our wardrobe. Effortlessly chic tops (or dresses) are suitable for any occasions, not only as a summer wear.  From bare shoulders to shoulder and back cut outs. It is surprisingly sexy in a quiet subtle way.

Photos by Joseph Rigby

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Knitwear lookbook shoot


Couple days ago, I shooted a small lookbook shoot for final project of one of the art student here in Manchester. Here are our final results. If you are interested to book any shoots with me, contact me for more information and date schedule.

Designer: Bryony Phipps Wardle
Model: Bobby Chuh

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Project Craft by Paperchase


Couple days ago I have attended a Paper Flower Workshop within Project Craft workshops by Paperchase here in Manchester. Workshops are running in London, Manchester and Glasgow. They have variety of workshops you can attend and learn some new skills. Interesting workshops include DIY stationery, card making, scrapbook or workshop for kids as well. View the description and details here.

These giant paper flowers are great for events, room decoration as well as for weddings and other occasions. Imagine full wall of these flowers. You can get playful by mixing different colours, textures and shapes of flowers. Now my flower is hanged on the wall in my room and tempting to decorate the whole wall by paper flowers.

Hands up who loves crafting and DIY?

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Shanghai travel tips for first-timers

This post was meant to go long time ago, after my first time trip to Shanghai in summer. Didn't even plan my next trip to China in Easter back then, but now it is a good reason to put this bucket list highlighting main attractions which you should not miss when in Shanghai. This vibrant metropolitan city will definitely leave you some memories behind. If it is your first time to China, I wouldn't recommend to go to Shanghai straight away, as the city is very westernized and modern, you will not gain any cultural values. I love Shanghai shops, architecture and the endless inspiration on the street. Definitely one of my favourite cities.

You might have seen already my previous photo posts or checked some pictures through instagram, so you could have got the insight of the city vibe. Here, I have drawn up important highlights of the city to not to be missed if visiting for a first time. Please click more to view this ultimate travel bucket check list ... 

1. The Bund

Shanghai's famous promenade with the view on the financial district in Pudong area over a river. Alongside the promenade, you will find very westernized builduings, HSBC main builduing, hotels or great bars with the view. It is very short walking distance to Nanjing shopping street. The Bund gets very crowded by tourists, mainly during evening times, when it is not too hot to be on the sun. I recommend to go during day and evening times, because the view is magnificent and you get just totally different feel from it.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Test shooting


This year, my photo shooting schedule has been very weak due to limited time and different priorities. Trying to catch up on some shoots when the weather is getting better and already got some line up booked slots for following weeks. If you are interested, message me for details :)
Looking forward to share with you my upcoming projects and idea realizations.

Model: Jade @ Nemesis

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