So here I am with a update post full of images taken on Malta last week. Malta was amazing, weather was great. Love thse builduings, small narrow streets, colourful balcons and pure,clear sea.
The stay was short and intense. We have stayed in Sliema, the location popular by bars, restaurants and shops. Across the harbour of Sliema we had the amazing view of Valletta. The next day we took a bus to Valletta, spend a day there and came back by a ferry. Valletta is a small city, so again we have managed to walk around everywhere. Additionally, we were so excited that we managed to get up early and went to sea and pool before breakfast. (such an active day!)

The following day we have booked a tour to Gozo and Comino island. Again full day of exciting programme. We went to Gozo island first where we went through small villages, Victoria city (the main city of Gozo) and went to a coast to see the famous Azure Window (such a tourist place though). Later in the afternoon we jump on the boat to Comino island, which was about 6 minutes from Gozo where we went to a speed boat to see Comino caves. After a short trip we returned to Comino land and walk to the Blue Lagoon where we chilled and swimmed until late afternoon. (again such a place full of tourists). Then we returned back and was so exhausted by the trip that we went to bed early. 

The next day we took the morning slowly. We had Mdina and Rabat city ahead of us, which we assumed that will take about 3-4 hours only. And it did actually. A bus to these cities were just in front of our hotel and it took about an hour ride to get there. Early in the afternoon we head back to out hotel where we rest and spend the rest of out late afternoon/early evening in the pool and spa.

Last day has reached, so we again took our morning slowly with our breakfast, packing in saying goodbye to Malta. We had only about 3 hours to spend before leaving to airport, so we walked around Sliema, took some last pictures, visited some shops and that would be it. In the afternoon we were on the bus to the airport, so we can have a last view of Malta country before leaving back to London. (the weather is horrible here!)

So you got an overview of our Malta holiday, some hints what we have done and here are mixture of images of the stay. Did you know that Malta ride on the left? And they have red phone boxes and post boxes as well. Check the following post for a proper overview of what to do in Malta xx