A little summary of this year's London Fashion Week. As always, the weather in February is not the best to be running outside in bare legs or open toe heels. But as I see, a lot of people will do it just because it's fashion week. I've tried, I did, but I did have to take an extra flats with me and layer up myself. I am not brave as others, and I am not giving up my warm zone because of fashion :D
Fashion Week in London started on Friday, however as it is closer to my end of term and deadlines and exams are coming up, this LFW I have strictly told myself to attend only selected shows and giving me a time to be on LFW and the rest spend home studying.
Always love street style during London Fashion Week, because people will get extravagant and take the most weird things on them that they might not necessarily wear them usually or it's just not their style and they are dressing up just because its LFW and want the attention.
Street styles is always a great source of inspiration!

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