It has been officially one school year since I have moved to London because of my university life (excluding months and weeks of holidays when I was back home or elsewhere, so practically it hasn't been a full year, but it doesn't matter:D ) As well as official;y I have moved to London at the end of September, anyway. Still can not believe that one year abroad has gone so fast together with my first year of uni. As summer is here I was thinking to make a positive list of inspiration for you if you are considering to visit or to live in London.
I have get to know the London life pretty fair enough so I can share with you my opinion and silly reasons of myself and my perspectives why I think London is a great destination to hit for!
Notice, that I have moved and chosen London for a reason. Therefore many of those reasons are explaining why I do find myself comfortable in this city:)

1. Just the name of a city "London" sounds by itself cool and well known. :D
2. A fashion lover should have London listed in its list of their top fashion cities together with NYC, Paris and Milano. 
3. A place where 2x a year is a big well known London Fashion Week where you can meet well known people and attend various shows and exhibitions.
4. There is always something to do. No matter what day and what time is it. You can go party at any day of the week.
5. So many fashion and artistic places to seek and to be inspired. Such an inspirational city from the artistic, architectural and fashion perspective.

6. So many markets, boutiques, pop up shops and other excellent shopping opportunities:D 
7. The Queen
8. Thames and its view and walks along it.
9. Tubes are going literally every minute (even on weekends!)
10. Walking on green light through the zebra for pedestrians doesn't exist here. You walk anywhere you find it safe and at any time you find it safe. (even policeman does that!)

11. Just 2.5h to Paris by train! (Just like by bus from Brno to Prague:D) or any other near destinations such as Ireland, Scotland, Wales or overseas.
12. People got style and they do not judge you or look at you strange when you have something more extravagant or unusual. I simple love the creativity and the street style of London (especially East London)
13. Wifi at underground station :D
14. 5 airports to choose to flight from
15. London by night

16. British people or London people ? are really polite and nice. They do say sorry, they do say hello and they do ask how are you. Whether its just randomly on the street, at shops or elsewhere. (E.g.: they accidentally hit a little to you in a tube, they immediately apologize, excuse me but in Czech, they would strangely look at you like its your fault or in better case they will ignore you)
17. So many big name events and concerts. Olympics, Diamond Jubilee, Royal wedding, LFW, festivals etc.
18. You are never far from parks and green areas (Victoria Park, Hyde Park, Tootenham Hale, Regents Park etc.) 
19. Coffee shops (on every step! useful!:D)
20. Barclays bicycle
21. International place. Diversity. Whatever you want, you will find it (I found Vietnamese as well as Czech food over here;))
22. Study opportunities. (good universities, courses, free seminars, workshops etc.)
23. Great opportunity to get into fashion industry
24. Food. Diverse food culture. 
25. Always something new and exciting to do.

26. The sky view from London eye or shard or any other towers and observations.
27. The tube map isn't that complicated as it seems.
28. You can use your English skills!
29. So many pubs and bars and clubs. It is seen and known that majority people are going to drink after work.
30. Possibility of seeing famous people.

31. The Big Ben
32. The London Eye
33. The Parliament, okay naming all tourist attraction would be cheating, but there is so many things to see!
34. Topshop experience on Oxford Circus
35. Double doors tubes (on Jubilee line) and double decker buses

36. When it rains it never last that long...
37. Laughing at the world "Cockfoster"
38. Wherever you go out from London, it feels way cheaper to spend money. 
39. Great place to be in realtionship as well as being single.
40. Getting angry at tourists stopping in front of you or going slowly (especially on Oxford street)

41. That feeling when you help someone with they way as you would live here forever.
42. Everyone knows someone who lives somewhere at that area
43. London is divided to many areas which are specific for some reasons. (etc. East London for Hipsters, Camden town for artistic people, Chelsea area for richer people etc.)
44. Free entry to majority of exhibitions and museums (yayy)
45. The feeling when meeting a real British person and hearing the real British accent:D

46. There is always places to discover and to visit.
47. You can go hop on the train any time and go to sea coast side to enjoy the view and the taste of sea when needed.
48. Victorian houses, typical English brick buildings and its architecture of combination of modern and classical buildings.
49. A simple different experience of living and lifestyle.
50. "Bridgeofmemories" blogger is now based here, so feel free to pop a comment or meeting me to say Hi :)

Hope you find it somehow useful or you have learned something new. This is just my opinion and reasons why I do find London such a great place. But on the other hand, everything has its pros and cons, do does London. As you live here longer or have a bad experience you find it darker and not nice. There would be few bullet points I would be able to make to say what is so bad about London. But everyone should discover it by themselves and taste it by their sight, touch and feelings.

Feel free to comment, suggest, add on your points or ask me anything ;)