This post is dedicated to tell you some my personal tips and reviews of shopping spots in Paris.
This was my first time being there (not including when I was 4 years old, didn't do any shopping back that time and I don't event remember anything from that trip:D) thus I haven't discovered many places to shop. All of it was recommended through my cousin who lives there.

Recommendations for do some Parisian shopping while in town and reviews and pics of shopping windows in Paris during May 2013. These are just basic mainstream shopping destinations. Haven't yet discovered any small local boutiques. Hopefully next time I can visit Paris just for shopping :P

You are welcome to comment with any recommendations, opinions of yours:)

1. Galeria Laffayette - the biggest shopping mall with fabulous interior design and view

2. Rue Saint Honore street (a very long street for lovers of luxurious and designers stores)

3. Colette (the famous concept store in Paris with variety of brands)

4. Boulevard Saint Germain (another store with high brands such as Ralph Lauren, Burberry as well as Karl Lagerfeld first store)

5.  Avenue des Champs - Elysees (the main shopping street in Paris, including high street and designer brands)

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