Sales in Liberty
So this is my 4th months in London and it feels like ages here already :D I get used to new places quickly, I don't know why. I am fine with orientation, rarely get lost, like to discover new places even by myself. Enjoying going for exhibitions and for a walk in a nature and loving the life here.
Even though this second school term is exhausting and I am feeling that I am not doing anything apart school work, eating and sleeping :D Yet, it is not even a finished 1st school year here:D

Anyway, this article I would like to talk about London location for shopping that I have discovered and recommend to you if you ever will visit London :)

1. Oxford Street
Busy oxford Street, Topshop flagship
I think everybody know and has heard about this :) A typical and major shopping street in a central of London. Yes, you will find here anything. From small memories products of London to high street brands. But I mean, of you are going here to visit, I would recommend you to first visit other places and lastly an Oxford Street, because you are coming here to discover new things what you don't have in a town, so why shop in H&M, Zara when is you country is the same?
I admit that there are more shops than this and more choices, but leave it till the end of a shopping program, trust me :) But this street is busy all the time, many people crowded, so be prepared for squeezing and long queue in shops. If you will be here, don't forget to visit a huge flagship of Topshop for a new shopping experience. Discover their cupcakes, hair salon and much more inside ;) As well as Primark, where I always see foreign people carrying at least 3 huge paper bags from its:D

2. Regent Street, Bond Street
For a luxury minded people, I recommend these 2 big street for their luxury shopping pleasure. There are obviously more places of luxury brands, but those two streets are connected from an Oxford Street so it is pretty close to each other. You will find there more high end brands and luxury brands. Don't miss a big apple store on Regent street as well as Burberry flagship :)

3. Brick Lane
Brick Lane area
Going to East London, we are finding many markets and small boutiques. Discover a London style behind it. I recommend to go on markets especially on Sunday's. It gets busy and most of the shops are open fully on that day. Brick Lane is famous for its vintage shops and markets. Around this are you will discover markets such as Old Spitafield or Petticoat market. I love going there on weekends, watching people what they are wearing, because London is famously known for its urban style, so here you can discover and get inspired by it.

4. Camden Town
Another inspirational area where I like to go. Again market full of product from A to Z. It is not vintage oriented or fashion oriented. You will find here everything. From clothing to home decorations. Apart from its market here you can find as well shops like H&M, American apparel etc.
Their buildings are magnificent, it is so much inspirational to me. This area has a good feeling from it, but be careful walking here in the evening. Apparently it gets crazy and dangerous in evenings, never been there during that time, but well wherever it can be dangerous, right?:)

5. Covent Garden
Discovering small shops and boutiques and high street brands around covent garden is a London necessity as well. Around here apart from shopping you will find nice bars and restaurants and other places to eat and to have a rest. The big apple store is taking place here as well. It really gets busy here on weekends:)

Covent Garden area

6. Westfield
All of above I have mentioned are shops,markets and boutiques outside. For those who prefer shopping inside for a warmer temperature and shops much more close to each other I recommend a big shopping centre Westfield. In London here are 2 shopping centres located one in White City and second one in Stratford. In White City you will find half of its mall for luxury shopping and second half is high street brands such as Zara, Topshop, River Island etc. In Stratford Westfield it's all about high street brands, so Primark you will find here.

7. Liberty, Harrods, Harvey Nicols, Selfridges
Those are big and famous departments stores in London. Liberty off a bit from Regent Street, Selfriedges on Oxford Street. Don't miss the typical London stores. You will find there more luxurious brands. Liberty known for its outside building look, for its Britishness.

Liberty entrance

So that would be it of my talking :) I thing I have covered the major shopping areas in London (at least what I have discovered during this 4 months here :D) I hope it will be useful for you some day as an inspirational tips for a shopping trips over London. But for sure there are many other small good shops, markets and shopping areas around here. It's just too much for now and I might not know them all.
So if you have any tips that you have discovered, read or know what is good in London, share it with me.
As well as don't hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding some tips here :) I am happy to help and receive feedback from you.

Have a nice day guys